The natural beauty of natural stone is unparalleled to any man made material. The details of every feature by nature provides a one of a kind on each piece. No two are the exact same. Stone is by far the eco-friendliest material and its longevity measures far beyond any of the materials on the market.

SURFACE BUFF is passionate about the details of stone fabrication. From proper prepping, applying the proper backing and support and proper installation, we firmly believe in measure twice and cut once. Our fabricators hand design with precision and master artistry to provide our clients with the utmost beautiful, long lasting counters, vanities, bars and other stone slab surfaces.

When choosing your new counter stops and vanities, choose from our many indoor kept slabs, finish options and edges. Our designers are trained and certified to help walk you through the design process as well as provide you with an education of the different materials so you will know what to expect not only when your project is installed, but also the maintenance you can expect, educating you on how to make your new surface last a lifetime!

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