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Surface Buff

Our artistically creative decorative concrete services provide attractive, durable and easy to clean concrete floors and counters. We fabricate a one of a kind design for your floor or countertop to create a seamless surface that is perfect for restaurants, garages, basements, kitchens, bathrooms, counters, vanities and more.

Epoxy coating and polyurethane coating are some of the top choices that are used in the industry and we offer both.
Both of these options protect your floors from chemical and water spills and are resistant to denting, cracking and chipping. They both  reflect light up to 300%, which reduces the need for additional fixtures in your workspace. Surface Buff is an ideal fit for your commercial and residential epoxy flooring NC needs! 

Our environmentally-friendly (low VOC) floor coating systems are designed to not flake, yellow, chip or burn. We offer Garage Coatings, Vanity and Counter Solutions, Tiles and Mats.

Vinyl Chip Epoxy System

Perfect for garage floors, pool decks, sidewalks, patios and more. Protect your concrete, and add a beautiful slip-resistant epoxy concrete floor. 

Epoxy Flooring has become a very popular decorative and protection coating option. Adding an aesthetic appeal and chemical resistance to floors. These coating systems protect the existing substrate from oil, grease, salt, gasoline, hot tires and more.  They also make cleaning off tire marks and spills a snap, by simply moping or spraying them off for a quick clean.  There is a wide range of color combinations which give a finished appearance to the space.  

Poured Epoxy System

Our Metallic Epoxy system is a 3 step epoxy & urethane system that gives a unique one-of-a-kind look. This creates a beautiful and unique design for your floors or couters that can be the showcase to any room. 

Stained Concrete System

A quality penetrating stain system that will not peel, chip or fade, . Stained concrete has been around for well over 100+ years.  The staining process gives an appealing old world look. and is very popular for it's durability and low maintenance.

Polished Concrete System

With a high-gloss finish gained by using special floor polishers fitted with diamond abrasives and proven methods to properly mechanically polish and smooth surfaces and allow you to customize the finish. Polished Concrete is on the cutting edge in the design world. Not simply for it's beauty and durability but also as a part of the green movement, it is common in retail, commercial and residential surfaces.

Creative Concrete Dcorative Solutions