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Surface Buff

What is involved with your estimates?

Our estimates will provide you with our expert consultation, along with any approaches to correct your surface's issues, along with a written estimate usually sent to your email address and stored with your online account. Sometimes, some projects will have multiple options and we may offer a variety of options along with pricing for each option which will be indicated on the estimate as "OPTIONAL". 

Our estimates may or may not total the same as the final invoice amount. Variations may occur while on the job site. Although we do strive to keep no surprises, we will notify the client of any new discoveries prior to adding and additional work.

Trip fees are non-negotiable and non-refundable.

A 50% deposit on all projects and a signed service agreement is required to be received prior to scheduling. All scheduled projects are tentative until the necessary signed service agreement and deposits are received. These tentative appointments can be given to another client if signed agreement and required deposits are not received in time.

By ordering services, client agrees to the terms and conditions of the service agreement. Service agreement and policies are available at Your Service Agreement will be attached to your invoice.

If you have any questions or concerns about your estimate, please contact us at 919.341.2873.