We are happy to help provide a "ballpark" estimate via online with the submission of photos, measurements and some detail as to what the issue is, what (if any) products have been used on the surface and what is desired with the final project.

What is the difference between an online estimate and an in person consultation estimate?

  1. An in person consultation estimate is a more detailed inspection of the project and we are able to see more of the details of the issues in person. Whereas an online estimate only gives us your perspective and photos and measuring. 
  2. An in person consultation takes more time and expenses to travel to send one of our experts to come and inspect. This is why we have an $80* non-returnable trip fee. (*Higher trip fees for locations outside our service area.) An online estimate does not take as much time or any expenses which is why we can offer them for free. However, if you are looking for a more detailed estimate, the in-person consultation would be better recommended.