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Surface Buff

Is you shower glass looking old and damaged? Have you thought about replacement but thought it was out of your budget? SURFACE BUFF has the solution!  We offer the latest technology in glass restoration.  The result is like new shower glass.  Why replace when you can restore at a fraction of the cost. We will have your glass back to new in a day!

Hard water deposits are usually made up of calcium carbonate and magnesium deposits found in hard water. The longer it is left untreated, the more difficult it is to remove and using the wrong products will etch into your glass. Glass shower doors, while adding beauty to your bathroom, can become a huge headache when trying to keep them clear and free of water spots. Water damage (caused by the chemicals in our water) can occur on new glass within 2 months of installation. Since glass is porous, the hard water stains you eventually see, is in the pores of the glass not on the surface.

People then tend to use all types of over-the-counter cleaners that in most cases don’t get the job done and, in some instances, will scratch the glass. Some of the products contain abrasives which is one of the causes of the scratches.

People also will use razor blades, abrasive sponges, Brillo pads, and steel wool some of which also cause scratches. Razor blades, when used properly (going in one direction on a wet surface), will not scratch glass. Very Fine steel wool (Type-OOOO) also won’t scratch glass, so if you try removing the spotting yourself, this is the type to use.

When lawn sprinklers continue to hit your windows day after day, the same thing happens. You get what looks like permanent water spots on the glass, which won’t come off with a regular cleaning. This situation will only get worse if the sprinkler spray isn’t adjusted.

We have a way of removing hard water stains from shower doors (and other glass) without using any type of acid. And our product won’t harm any surface in your home. We then apply a hydro-phobic sealer called Hydro Shield which fills the pores in the glass. The water spotting now is on the sealer, not in the pores, which makes the surface 75% easier to clean.

Glass Restoration