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Surface Buff

Granite Counter tops have maintenance all on their own depending on their use.  Counter seams need to be watched especially around sinks and dishwashers.  Liquids and steam can break down the glues and resins that hold your seams together.  SURFACE BUFF can help reduce the appearance of your seams and help keep them sealed shut.

Maintenance for granite is the best way to avoid high costly restoration and repair fees for your granite.  Do not wait until you have a problem.  Start from the beginning with a customized maintenance program with your granite from the beginning and you will save yourself hundreds if not thousands of dollars.

TIP: Remember, most topicals such as waxes and especially crystallizers are not good for your granite or any stone.  If you desire a higher sheen, let the experts handle it for you. Using waxes or crystallizers will only trap in dirt, yellow and suffocate your stone causing it to weaken.

Granite is nature's beautiful treasure with high density and durable elegance. SURFACE BUFF can help you maintain and repair your granite to keep it beautiful longer. Granite brings a beautiful element to any interior design.  It is also a harder stone making maintenance easier.  Not every granite is the same and being that it is a harder stone, it is harder to restore.  

Don't be fooled by those "permanent sealer" hypes. Your granite is an organic material and needs to be treated and preserved in a healthy way. Through our certification process of education, experience and tooling, our master craftsmen technicians can provide you with all your needs for your granite. When it comes to Granite Repair, you need a pro who has the education, the tooling and the talent to get the job done correctly.

Caring for your granite is simpler than you may think.  Be sure to wipe up spills, use a neutral cleaner such as the MB-5 for all surfaces or MB-1 for floors, and a microfiber cloth for daily cleaning will help protect your surface from etching and preserve the sealer.

SURFACE BUFF can repair chips and cracks and make them look practically flawless.  Not all granite will respond to restoration the same, however our years of training, experience and raw talent give us the ability to mend and beautify your granite.

SURFACE BUFF can also offer you customized finishes for your granite.  You can have a high gloss finish, semi-gloss finish, an antiqued/honed or mat finish.  There are various levels of finishes to choose from.  Each finish will have different levels of maintenance requirements.  Our Master craftsmen can direct you to the right maintenance program customized for your granite's needs.

Granite floors are beautiful and durable.  We can offer your granite floors lippage removal/machine flattening, scratch removal, grout repair, polishing, custom finishes, sealing and routine maintenance.