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Surface Buff

Flooring, counter tops, showers, tables and a plethora of other things can be made from limestone. The stone is porous and is prone to stains and scratches. However, by using right products and proper cleaning methods, you can ensure limestone cleaning is safe and preserves your beautiful limestone surfaces and make the best use of the stone.

Limestone repair and restoration is a delicate process.  The way a contractor approaches each job is a big deal. Not only can a repair be an eye sore because of using the wrong products, it can burn, discolor and etch rather quickly. 

If you want to restore the beauty of limestone, properly honing and mechanically polishing your limestone surface is necessary. The stone can be cleaned if you make use of the right materials. And our limestone sealer cannot be matched!

Limestone can be designed with a variety of finish options and each option will have its own level of maintenance. Surface Buff can create a customer maintenance plan for your surfaces.