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The softness of marble gives us this elegant, beautiful, one-of-a-kind work of art and yet this why it is so critical to work with marble craftsmen who truly know the science and artistry behind marble. SURFACE BUFF can repair cracks, chips, fissures and much more. We can also offer you customized finishes from an antiques/honed look to high end glossy polish and all that is in between. It takes a truly skilled craftsman to clean, hone, polish and seal your marble. Many companies offer this service yet cannot get the same results as SURFACE BUFF.

Stone is our passion. Sure many of these companies do some kind of cleaning such as carpet cleaning or house cleaning services. But what truly matters is the skill-set, the attention to detail and the education behind each master craftsman. 

Marble care is not a wipe on wipe off process. Marble polishing requires education and the proper tooling. Many of the products available that even claim to be good for marble, aren't. We only use proven products and methods so that your marble will glow and remain stronger longer. We we work on a surface, we have your surface's future in mind. 

We will not use topicals such as waxes or crystallizers! DO NOT let anybody place these items on your precious marble. As a Certified Surface Pro, SURFACE BUFF continues education in surface care to keep up with the changes of materials and tooling. 

SURFACE BUFF uses a proprietary line of products and techniques that will properly mechanically polish and we can customize your marble surface finishes, too! Let SURFACE BUFF, repair and maintain all of your marble surfaces.

We also design and install customize marble for furniture and other decorative pieces.

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