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Surface Buff

SURFACE BUFF provides a broad range of restoration and maintenance services throughout North Carolina. Our success lies in our experience, skill set and talent. With our vast number of professional services, we offer polishing, cleaning and maintenance of commercial metals such as elevators, revolving doors, lobby interiors, signage, cast iron, bronze, brass, stainless steel and chrome. Where your commercial metal is, we can make it look amazing.

No other restoration pro in the North Carolina tri-county area has the training, experience or skill set as that of SURFACE BUFF. Dedicated to refinishing and making your surfaces look incredible while reducing your replacement costs and maintenance.

After years of use and striping through various cleaners that have taken away the beauty of your metal finishes, SURFACE BUFF can polish and restore them to looking elegant and beautiful and can offer a maintenance program to keep them looking stunning.

Working together with building owners and property managers to balance their budgets all while improving and maintaining the sophisticated look that their buildings were designed to provide. From atmospheric environment to oxidization, we can make your commercial metals represent you the way they were meant to.

Commercial Metal Cleaning and Maintenance