The Turnover Process
First, we will conduct a thorough walk-through of the property. A list of tasks will be created. We can produce a detailed video of the home which outlines all the necessary work required. 

Lock change or re-keying of all exterior door locks
Maintenance items
Whole house cleaning
Flooring repairs, replacement and maintenance
Lock Change or Re-Keying 
Professional Cleaning

Yard and Garden clean-up and maintenance

We value your need to maintain your highest valued assets—no matter if your portfolio consists of 1 to 100 units. Surface Buff is your one-call single family rental and apartment turnover solution. Envision a complete investment property “turn” process that eliminates the need for your call to multiple vendors. Imagine the amount of TIME and MONEY your company will save. What if you were able to eliminate the following turnover headaches:

  • The pains of contacting and scheduling multiple vendors.

  • Paying multiple invoices to multiple vendors for just one unit turnover.

  • Having to reschedule the vendor who didn’t show.
  • Dealing with vendors who consistently perform behind schedule.

We make efficient unit turnover a reality by consolidating the process into one simple and efficient system. We combine services, ensure all teams are working together, and monitor the entire turnover process. Our one-stop turnover process greatly reduces the burdens put on resident mangers and commercial managers and even onsite staff, allowing them to focus on serving residents and achieving occupancy targets more rapidly. This is good news for you, your residents, and your bottom line. Contact Surface Buff today to schedule your next rental property turnover.