Detail Cleaning Package

Our Detail Cleaning Package represents the most thorough cleaning service provided by our company. Every reachable surface within your home will either be scrubbed or wiped by our certified and experienced cleaning staff. The biggest difference between this cleaning and all other packages lies in the amount of detail required to clean your vertical surfaces; such as baseboards, trim work, interior windows, blinds, exterior cabinets/drawers, light fixtures and even doors. All horizontal surfaces will also be cleaned; including floors, tabletops, counters and appliances. Dusting is another big difference maker in this type of cleaning by removing all items and dusting underneath the items located on horizontal surfaces. You will pay one flat rate that has no time limitations so pick up your feet, sit back and relax while we clean everything inside your home from top to bottom. 

Residential Maid Services

Our team is proud to perform cleaning services that are not only effective, but also do not harm the environment. When we come clean your home, we will show up equipped with the necessary products. Better yet, we will use cleaning solutions that are environmentally-responsible. We are one of the only companies in the industry to use only environmentally responsible products and techniques, which are better for the planet and safer for your health all while preserving your surfaces. Our proprietary line of products are formulated to clean, protect and preserve all of your hard surfaces and are EPA certified green. (Average Pricing Info)

Upgraded Premium Cleaning Package

The Premium Maintenance Cleaning is our most commonly used cleaning package and designed for anyone that is just too busy to maintain their home on a regular basis. The service is our most detailed cleaning for people that require our services on a regular basis. Our professional certified cleaning staff will perform all of the same tasks as the Standard Maintenance Cleaning, including cleaning and sanitizing of appliances, bathrooms, and kitchens, sweeping and mopping of floors, vacuuming carpeted areas and rugs, making beds, and emptying garbage cans/replacing liners. The Premium service goes one step further by performing additional tasks such as, changing bed linens (if left out for us), washing or loading dishwasher, and spot cleaning of surfaces such as baseboards, trim work, interior windows, doors and cabinets/drawers. Spot cleaning is best defined by actively cleaning any vertical surface that requires work since many vertical surfaces do not require as much attention as most horizontal surfaces. This package can be performed on a weekly, every other week or monthly basis.

Move-in/out Cleaning Package

Our Empty Home Move In/Out Cleaning Package is perfect for anyone that needs to clean an empty home, apartment or condo. This is typically reserved for people that are moving in or out of a property. In some cases, we are able to work directly with your property manager if a checklist is required in order to receive your full security deposit. In this cleaning, we’ll clean all reachable surfaces from top to bottom; including most vertical and horizontal surfaces. Vertical surfaces include baseboards, trim work, interior and exterior of cabinets/drawers, interior windows, blinds, light fixtures and doors. In addition, we’ll clean most horizontal surfaces such as floors, counters and appliances. Detailed cleaning of your oven and other kitchen appliances will also be performed during this type of cleaning. Full dusting of all horizontal surfaces will also be conducted and some minor trash pickup is performed as well. No time limit exists for the cleaning and one flat rate will be provided to you. All you’ll need to do is open the front door and we’ll take of the rest for you. 100% satisfaction guarantee and all cleaning supplies and equipment are provided.

Post Construction Clean Up

We regularly perform Rough, Final and Touch Up Post Construction Cleaning to remove dirt, dust and debris from such areas as but not limited to sliding glass doors, frames, and tracks, bathroom tubs, shower, tile walls, vanity, sinks, toilets kitchen cabinets, counter tops, appliances, sink, and floors, all mirrors, all doors and woodwork, all balconies and all carpets vacuumed using our state-of-the art vacuum systems with a filtrations system that helps to clean the air while vacuuming. In addition, our Construction Cleaning Supervisors perform regular inspections on the work performed at your facility and keep you informed of the progress.

Custom Cleaning Package

Our Custom Cleaning Package is specifically designed for anyone that only requires our services just once or every now and then. It’s our only timed cleaning package and perfect for the budget-minded customer. The package offers you a fixed rate that corresponds directly to a designated block of time that will be used to clean inside your home. The size of your home and scope of the work required to clean your home ultimately determines the length of time. Multiple time intervals can be purchased; ranging from as little as two hours to as much as five hours. Prior to your housecleaning, we will discuss your primary needs and create a list of tasks that will be tackled in order of priority. We’ll provide all necessary cleaning supplies along with a team of two professionally trained and certified cleaning staff. This package should not be confused with our Full Detail Cleaning Package but it is a very good substitute for anyone that does not require an extensive cleaning throughout a home.

Standard Weekly/bi-weekly Cleaning Package

Our Standard Maintenance Service is our most basic cleaning package designed for anyone that does not desire detailed spot cleaning. This cleaning service is affordable option that typically is included in our upgraded Premium Maintenance Cleaning Package and can be performed on a weekly or every other week basis. This service is not offered for customers that are interested in monthly services. In this cleaning, our team of professional house cleaners will perform a routine cleaning by sanitizing all appliances, bathrooms, and kitchens; sweeping and mopping all floors, vacuuming carpeted areas and rugs, making beds, emptying garbage cans/replacing liners, and light dusting each of your horizontal surfaces such as counters and/or tables. The primary exclusion during this cleaning relates to the vertical surfaces within your home. No attention to the vertical surfaces within your home will be provided; including baseboards, trim work, interior windows, blinds and cabinets/drawers. A team of professional house cleaners is provided along with all cleaning supplies and products.