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Surface Buff

Terrazzo Restoration & Maintenance

Our terrazzo care and restoration processes employ the latest technologies and equipment to protect and preserve your terrazzo floors, patios, and more. Once we have completed a restoration, our technicians will educate you with simple stone and tile care tips so you can keep your terrazzo looking like it was just installed.

Even for high-traffic commercial properties, after we complete a terrazzo restoration and implement our regular service agreement, we will guarantee you will never have to pay for a complete restoration again*.

Many terrazzo owners have been told that waxing is the best way to care for terrazzo. Wrong! Waxing causes yellowing and requires constant stripping and re-waxing, not to mention it compromises the coefficient of friction and can become a slip hazard. It also traps in dirt and creates a maintenance nightmare. Our terrazzo sealing and restoration methods do not involve wax. We care for your terrazzo by providing long-term protection, so you’ll never have to pay for waxing, stripping, and re-waxing again. In the long run, our professional terrazzo polishing, and sealing saves you money and improves the look and durability of your terrazzo.

(*Based on continuing maintenance services with Surface Buff. Certain limitations exist. Ask us for more details)