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We are custom kitchen and bathroom tile installers and remodel contractors offering consultations at your location and tile design services for your installation projects.
4-Step Renewal Process
Surface Buff's Tile and Grout Renewal Services uses a 4-step process to revitalize your tile and grout surfaces. This process not only restores your surfaces and floors to their original beauty, but with its fungicides, bactericides and mildicides our color sealant process provides sanitation for many years.

1. Tile and Grout Repair
We will replace chipped or cracked tiles and repair chipped or cracked grout, restoring your tile and grout to like-new.

2. Re-grouting
Tile re-grouting is one of our specialties. We will remove and replace old grout and caulk, clean tile and seal your grout and tile.

3. Grout Staining
We can help make your dull, dingy tile and grout appear brand new. We clean and restore it and can color seal your grout lines to any color you choose.

Grout Staining is the re-coloring of existing grout. Grout Staining offers many benefits including maximizing protection and beauty while minimizing maintenance. Additionally, grout staining gives home or business owners the option of changing the grout to either a lighter or darker color. If done right, grout staining can increase property values by giving a clean, updated look to the tile installation for many years to come.

Surface Buff's Tile and Grout Renewals Services cleans the tile and grout to expose its true beauty and minimize maintenance. Surface Buff's Tile and Grout Renewal Services also repairs grout, matches grout colors and caulks baseboards as needed.

4. Caulking
Caulking is one of the many services we offer. We will remove and replace old caulk or just add new caulk where needed in showers, tubs, around sinks or along baseboards and more.
We know what is safe for you and your floors. We are true specialists in all aspects of grout, tile and stone care. Contact us now to REQUEST A FREE ESTIMATE AND DEMO for your tile and grout renewal needs.

Grout Renewal

Each surface needing restoration will have its own unique needs and sizes.  This is why we can't just list prices online or give over the phone estimates. We have to come and see what is going on to give you a more accurate price. Request an estimate and free demo and we will be happy to give you a written estimate. 

Don't know what surface type is best for you? Need someone to help train your cleaning crew? We offer $65/hour consultations to help you make selections, prevent maintenance nightmares and more.
We have the training, certification, tricks, the tools, the know-how, and the desire to be the best in our chosen field. Call our references! They will tell you......or give us a try and you'll see for yourself! 
Tile and Grout Maintenance

When tile and grout require maintenance, it is important to give them proper care. Whether you need maintenance for your home or commercial building, Surface Buff, LLC will design and create a maintenance program customized for your surface's needs.

Surface Buff, LLC provides reliable, trustworthy information, quality products and tools to care for your tile & grout.

Your tile and grout can look as good as new!

Surface Buff's Tile and Grout Renewal Services is in the business of renewing existing grout and tile to its original beauty and minimizing routine maintenance.

If you have a shower, floors, countertops or any other interior or exterior tile and grout we can repair, clean and seal it to lock it the clean beauty that will last for years!

Grout Cleaning and Sealing 
We clean and seal new and old grout to restore color and beauty. We use a penetrating sealer that protects the grout and allows for easy damp mop cleaning and elimination of the accumulation of microorganisms. The sealant is specially formulated to provide maximum stain protection especially in food preparation and serving areas. Surface Buff's Tile and Grout Renewal Services also repairs grout, matches grout colors and re-caulks as needed.
Tile and Grout Installation and Consultations
Surface Buff, LLC is a full-service tile contractor specializing in stone tile installations including SLATE MARBLE, GRANITE, TRAVERTINE and designing tile layouts using GLASS, CERAMIC, PORCELAIN, MOSAIC and METAL TILES.

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