Tile & Grout Cleaning

Without proper care or using the many incorrect cleaning products on the markets, your grout can fry out, crack, open pores and trap dirt, discolor, or even pull apart. Is your tile cracked or broken? In many cases, we can repair or replace a cracked or broken tile. Keeping in mind the different variations that can exist, in the cases where we can offer this service, we can save you thousands by not having to replace your floors. In the case that we cannot repair your cracked or broken tile and you do need a new floor, we can help you save money and install a beautiful new floor for you too!

Tile and Grout Cleaning and Sealing help to restore your floor making it look beautiful again. Not only can this affordable option make your floor look new again, it will make it healthier and help you reduce maintenance. Using our free care guide will also help you keep your surfaces lasting longer.

products that wash away after a few months of normal maintenance. Our system is the only product available that is NOT water soluble after proper curing.

Our Grout Restoration System uses a 4-step process to revitalize your floor surfaces and creates an easy to maintain surface. This process not only restores your floors to their original beauty, but with its fungicides, bactericides and anti-microbials built into the formulation it insures sanitation for many years.

We know how to clean your shower, your floors, your walls...any surface with tile and grout can be restored and given a new restored life.

Dirt loves to hide in grout. Brushes cannot penetrate the micro pores to get all the contaminants out. Most grout cleaners on the market will damage your grout and cause more staining to occur. We use a patented system to clean your grout to like new and then we seal it to facilitate easier maintenance for the long haul. Our tile and grout cleaning service cannot be surpassed. And our grout renewal options provide excellent choices that can cater to any budget.

Our proprietary process has been designed by chemists to permanently fill and eliminate the dirt trapping pores of the grout, not just cosmetically cover them or temporarily waterproofing the pores like many other sealers and all other coloring 

Grout is not a waterproofing filler for your tile. It is an absorbent, aesthetic filler and is not designed to waterproof your surfaces. The only way to waterproof your grout is to correctly seal it by proper prep work and using the right sealer. Not just any sealer will do. This is where education and experience is critical in your surface care. Surface Buff technicians are certified, highly educated and experiences with the state-of-the-art tooling to properly care for your surfaces.

​Surface Buff is one of the leading grout cleaning companies in the State of North Carolina. We use the best tooling, the highest quality products and offer you the solutions you need to keep your surfaces looking beautiful and staying healthier longer.