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Surface Buff

What are these white marks on my marble?

Etching is the most common natural stone problem, especially with limestone, travertine, marble, slate and other soft stones. Any acidic substance—tomatoes, wine, soda, vinegar—that touches your stone will most likely leave a white-ish, dull mark that resembles a water-glass ring on a table. If the etch is really bad, you can actually feel it with your fingers.

The Solution:  For light etching on your stone, you can remove the etching yourself with a mild etch remover paste. For more severe etching or etching on honed (non-reflective) surfaces, it is recommended that you call a stone restoration professional.

Scratches will occur in soft stones stone because - well it is a soft stone. Knives —anything sharp for that matter—and abrasive cleaners can easily scratch your precious stone surface. Sometimes scratches can create permanent lighter marks called stuns.

The Solution: For light scratches in darker limestone, blot mineral oil into the scratch. If your stone is lightly colored, honed or polished, use super fine sandpaper, working your way up to finer and finer grits until the scratch disappears. Deeper and larger scratches should be buffed out by a professional.