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What goes into creating an estimate?

Our time and expertise are very valuable. We DO charge a $100.00* nonrefundable trip fee for all on-site estimates and the fee is due at the time of scheduling your appointment. This is due to the cost of time and travel to get to and from your location and for the time and efforts made by our experts. Our estimates include an inspection, diagnosis and solution for the problem. If a restoration or repair solution cannot be offered, we will suggest replacement which is something we also can offer you or recommend another contractor who can offer the service you need if we are unable.

Here is how we work. For us to put an effective package together for your consideration, we will need to set up an on-site estimate for you. With the information we gather from the on-site inspection, we will design your job to meet your budget, we will do a firm price quotation for you, we will prepare the agreement to build your job as we have discussed and bring the whole package back to you for your consideration. If you approve our proposal, we will then get your signatures on the agreement, an initial down payment from you, and schedule your project.

We can attempt "ballpark" estimates. By sending us measurements, photos and your desired service on the surface we can provide a free online "ballpark" estimate. Keep in mind each project has its own unique variables and asking us to give you a price over the phone is like telling us your check engine light is on and you want to know what it will cost to get it to turn off. A diagnosis is required to determine what it will cost to resolve the issue. 

We also offer consultation and expert witness services. This is a service that includes expert witness testimony along with a very detail inspection and report. This service is charged at $275.00 per hour, plus any travel expenses with an $800.00 minimum. A CV for your expert is available upon request.

Variances we do not account for in our bids:

Great care is always taken on our bid to ensure no surprises. Unfortunately, what we cannot see, we cannot account for. Issues such as: Uneven stairs, sub-floor issues, squeaks in sub-floor we are unaware of, height differences in transitions, surprise under-laments under carpet or linoleum that might be removed, floors that are not level, un-leveled thin-set, wrong products used prior to Surface Buff, LLC’s arrival, hallow areas, humps in floors cannot always be made perfect (only so much can be done), mold issues, gas lines that are not placed 2 in. under sub-floor to industry standards, water lines for ice maker placed too close to wall board.

Surface Buff, LLC will work with you, to help in any way we can to ensure any extra costs due to variance issues will be reasonable. No action will be taken until you, the Customer, are aware of all issues. When your beautiful stone surfaces are damaged from everyday usage, you will need an expert to bring the life back to those surfaces. We use a number of professional processes and techniques to return your stone to its true beauty.

Pricing includes all labor and supplies excluding tile and grout. Pricing does not reflect any current promotions. Our estimates are valid for 30 days. Services are by appointment only. Approval signed service agreement and any required deposits are required at the time of scheduling.

*(Areas outside of 50 miles from Raleigh, NC are subject to higher trip fees)

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