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Surface Buff

Ideally you should have all of your surfaces properly cleaned and sealed at the time of the initial installation and at the recommended time of maintenance. If you have not, that is okay. Be sure to have them properly sealed after restoration and then begin your proper care and maintenance schedule from there.

Each surface type, depending on its use, will require a good quality sealing application every so often. Each of our highly trained experts will provide you with the education you need to protect your surfaces and keep them healthier and newer for longer. Having your surfaces properly cleaned and sealed with a high-quality sealer will help reduce the stains that commonly occur and damage your surfaces.

Most fabricators and installers rarely have the education about proper cleaning methods and sealers. Most of them do NOT seal and if they do, we often see that they seal with the wrong or cheapest sealers. We are the finishers. Let the finishers ensure your surfaces have been properly treated to keep them protected and protect you from more frustrations down the line.

Take advantage of our free care guide to see what you can do to help maintain your surfaces and simplify the maintenance process.

When should I seal my surface?